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Read what our customers think about our work

 Casa Bore - Santa Vittoria in Matenano

We found our 'wreck' by chance and fell in love with the views. We were ridiculously romantic about the whole thing and were so lucky when a guy in a tile shop recommended Marco to us. Very soon into our first meeting with him we realised we weren't interviewing him he was interviewing us! The project had to be interesting enough for him to take on. Marco has a highly developed sense of style and he only wants to work on buildings that reflect that. He liked the fact that we didn't want to turn the house into a traditional villa but wanted to renovate keeping all its farmhouse quirks intact.
Every friend who has been to stay in our home since we completed it, has asked us 'was it a nightmare renovating in a different country?' and they've all been amazed when we say no. Exactly the opposite. The whole thing has been an adventure and a real thrill. We trust Marco. Every quote he gave he stuck to. Every timescale he talked about was accurate and his contacts mean you get offered interesting bathrooms etc as well as standard options. Marco is super practical but he's also got an artist's eye.
The other thing we liked were the almost daily photos, when we were in the thick of building work.
And now, when we bump into each other in the gellato cafe Marco likes best it's always a pleasure to see him.

Anna and Steve

Castelclementino - Servigliano -  Part 1

Marco has a rare gift for giving new life to old properties in a way which captures the heart and sole of the Italian countryside and lifestyle.


He created Castel Clementino ( from architect drawings to the finished article in a way which allowed us to be part of its development, and continues to manage the property for us 5 years on. I recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to create a second home in Le Marche.


La Rossa . Belmonte Piceno

For my wife and I, we simply would not have had the confidence to move forward with our plans in Italy if we had not come across Marco. He has removed headaches, calmed nerves, and enabled us to find craftsmen and contractors that would otherwise have been time-consuming and painful. Marco has also played an invaluable role in managing the planning and approvals process with local authorities. Time and again, he has proven himself to be utterly trustworthy and a genuine ally. His enthusiasm and interest in seeing our project through to completion is absolute. It feels as if Marco is as invested in our project as we are: it’s very personal to him, and his pride is evident in everything we’ve achieved so far. We trust him completely and are extremely grateful for the work he continues to do on our behalf”.  


Toby and Alice 

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